iBELL IBL TD13-100, 650W Professional Tool Kit - Pack of 115

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IBL TD13-100
  • No-load speed : 0 to 2800 rpm , Rated Input Power - 650W
  • Drilling diameter: 13 millimeters for concrete and masonry; 10 millimeters for steel; 24 millimeters for wood
  • Material: MS and Plastic , Auto Chuck , Forward/reverse rotation
  • Warranty: 6 months comprehensive on the product
  • Combo box includes Impact Drill Machine 115 different useful accessories



Aiming at more efficiency and increased throughput methods to gear up modifying elements around? To help you with tools in action, iBell’s professional tool kit is loaded with all the hardware tool right from diminutive screws to enduring claw hammer.

Power and versatility are within reach!

iBELL-Futuristic Gadgets for Sophisticated Living


Little History
Little History

Ibell is an Indian Multinational Engineering and Technology Company Head Quartered in Kochi, Kerala, India with Branch offices in 6 states across india

Ibell developes , manufactures and market business sectors like consumer goods ( including power tools and house hold appliances ), Industrial Technology ( including drive and control tools ) and Building Technology.

iBELL-Futuristic Gadgets for Sophisticated Living

We owe to provide good quality durable product is our primary concern.

We are in the league of ever growing fast paced Consumer Goods industry which is consistent to evolve and incredible appliances. We are aiming to launch smart products with superior quality to meet the ever-increasing market demand with promisingly outstanding practices.

  • Power Tools
  • Machineries
  • Security Systems
  • Garden tools
  • Drive and Control Tools
  • Home Appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Entertainment Products













Wrenches and Bits


Grip up your nuts and bolts of different sizes easily with our large slider jaw wrench or a hexagonal spanner whose performance and efficiency is much reliable. Our hardware tool kit consists of-

Wood Drill bit-

Masonry Drill Bit-

Metal drill bit-

Adjustable spanner

Allen key set

Versatile Screw Driver heads with Universal Adaptor

Fisher & Screws

Cut ‘em Down!

Cut ‘em Down!

The metal cutter with sharp blades used to cut and shape different wires as desired, besides this it can also be used for your art and craft hobbies. We k you require for gripping, holding or twisting metal wires, while its other types are used for cutting too hence placed Pliers in tool kit.

The textured handles give you a proper grip to put required pressure for your job.

Measuring and Levelling tools

Measuring and Levelling tools

The level rulers are used to indicate whether your desired surface is perfectly vertical or horizontal. We have an enclosed electric pen with digital display gets you the flowing current or voltage reading of the object you are operating.

The smart measuring tape with printed metric units gets precision to your tasks whenever used.

Helper Tools

Helper Tools

Whether it’s banging in or extracting of nails from different range of materials, this versatile hammer is an essential tool for any of your professional or DIY tasks. Also, there is flexible shaft gives easy bends and curves to thin wire layers when applied with force without any uncertainty and damage. We have backed your hardware tool kit with helper tools like extension rod, expansion tube.





Drill It Up!

Drill It Up!

Master any DIY drilling need coming your way with our powerful 650 W 2800 rpm drilling driver along with its all-rounder 115-piece accessory to perform countless tasks may it be drilling holes, assembling furniture, building a tree house, redecorating and many more! This drilling driver is given an ergonomic pistol design for comfortable grip and more precise drilling with minimum vibrations.