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TOTAL – TGTAN4501 Angle Nozzle for Pressure Washer

621.00 inc. GST
Length:590MM 45º Angle Suitable for TGTSG026 Packed by paper card

TOTAL – TGTHPH526 High Pressure Hose 5 Meters

1,071.00 inc. GST
Length:5 Meters Material:PVC Match with the Machinery of TGT11316, TGT11356, TGT11226, UTGT11316, UTGT11356,UTGT11226, Packed by carton box

TOTAL – TGTPCH751 Pipe Cleaning Hose for Pressure Washers 7.5m

1,791.00 inc. GST
Length:7.5m Max pressure:150bar(2175psi) With spring head Suitable for High-Pressure Washer Models TGT11316 TGT11356 TGT11226 UTGT11316 UTGT11356 Packed by color box

TOTAL – TGTSG026 Spray Gun

1,709.00 inc. GST
TOTAL -  Spray Gun
  • Material: Plastic body
  • Suitable for TGT11316,TGT11356, TGT11226,TGT11246,UTGT11316,UTGT1 1356 and UTGT11226

TOTAL – THHCS05122 5 PCS Hose Connector with Twist Nozzle Set

320.00 inc. GST
5 pcs Twist Nozzle set With 1pcs 1/2″ Plastic Hose Quick Connector with Water Stop With 1pcs 1/2″ Plastic Hose

TOTAL – THPS13601 Plastic Auto Gear Sprinkler

891.00 inc. GST
Plastic Auto Gear sprinkler head 3/4″ tool adaptor 3 Pin plastic spike With 360° rotary function Dimension:38*17.4*6.4cm Material Breakdown: ABS+PP

TOTAL – THSPP2021 Pressure Sprayer 2L

585.00 inc. GST
2L Safety value Aluminum pump lever Pressure:2.5BAR Press and release fuction Adjustable nozzle with straight jet and mist spray Packed

TOTAL – THSPP3051 Pressure Sprayer 5L

989.00 inc. GST
5L Safety valve Handy carry strap Pressure:2.5BAR 1.2m length flexible hose Stainless lance and plastic nozzle ON/OFF trigger with trigger

TOTAL – THSPP4161 Knapsack Sprayer 16L

2,241.00 inc. GST
16L Y trigger with fiberglass lance Pressure:4.5BAR Adjustable nozzle from jet to mist Large container specifically designed for spraying larger

TOTAL – THWS010301 Plastic Trigger Nozzle

315.00 inc. GST
Adjustable 3-Way plastic trigger nozzle High-Impact resistant ABS plastic body with TPR TPR insulated comfortable soft grip Nylon lever Packed

TOTAL – THWS030301 3pcs Hose quick Connectors Set

225.00 inc. GST
Same as BLACK DECKER model and quality level With 1pcs 1/2″ plastic hose quick connector with water stop With 1pcs

TOTAL – THWW092 Water Wand

801.00 inc. GST
Adjustable angle,powder-coated metal head 9-spray patterns for all watering needs:mist,soaker,flat,vertical,shower,cone,fan,center,jet TPR insulated comfort grip “U” style ON/OFF design Packed by