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TOTAL – TGCT16001 Compasses Glass Cutter

809.00 inc. GST
TOTAL - Compasses Glass Cutter
  • Material: 6pcs YG6X knife
  • Rubber suction cups, metal scale ruler
  • Cutting diameter: 60cm

TOTAL -THT561301 Glass Cutter 130MM

149.00 inc. GST
TOTAL -  Glass Cutter 130MM
  • Wooden handle
  • Glass cutter with 6pcs wheels blade
  • Length:130mm

TOTAL -THT561781 Heavy Duty Glass Cutter 178MM

261.00 inc. GST
TOTAL - Heavy Duty Glass Cutter 178MM
  • Iron body
  • Auto oil feed cutter
  • With 1pcs oil suction pipe
  • Total cutting length: 5000m
  • Length:178mm